Paragon Homes is a full-service general contracting company. Our expertise in all areas of construction and job site management covers home and commercial construction from inception to completion. We handle small addition and remodel jobs up to multi-million dollar projects. Our highly skilled subcontractors provide services for simple to impressively complex building assignments. We rely on these professionals for the highest quality work in addition to creative input to enhance their specialties and solve project obstacles.

Our mission to create a cohesive and cooperative partnership between our clients, our subcontractors and ourselves is our competitive advantage. We stress the critical importance of constant communication and input as jobs progress. No project can be a success without this ongoing interaction and dialog.

We commit to fulfilling our contracts in a timely fashion and with careful planning. Building is a complex puzzle of scheduling various layers of work needed to maximize efficiency and minimize time lapses. Smoothly integrating regulatory requirements, ordering times, scheduling of work and client changes is our forte – we are very dedicated to meeting all objectives with strict attention to timing.

In short, we deliver an outstanding service that meets or exceeds quality, timing and cost expectations and concludes with a satisfied client who will confidently use Paragon Homes, Inc. for future building projects.